Top 5 Remote Working Statistics


Here are top 5 remote working statistics that shows that remote work is the new “norm” and can be termed as “Future of Work”.

1. As per “State of Remote Work 2018 Report” from Buffer, 90% of remote workers plan on working remotely for the rest of their careers and 94% of the remote workers we surveyed said that they encourage others to work remotely.


2. Apart from USA, there are global statistics that shows that remote work is on the rise. As per TUC estimates, the number of people working from home in the UK has increased by five times in last decade and now the number stands at 1.5M.


3. Remote workers are more committed to prove that they are equally or even more productive as compared to their colleagues in fixed workplaces as per research from Cardiff University which states that more around 39% of people who mostly work from home often work additional hours to complete their tasks, compared with less than a quarter (24%) of those in fixed workplaces.


4. Upwork has done great job in citing remote work statistics in their “Future Workspace Report 2018”. The highlights are:

  • 63% of companies departments have someone on their team who works most of the time remotely
  • 55% of hiring managers agree that remote work has become new norm compared with 3 years ago
  • 59% of hiring managers agree that skills have become more specialized compared to3 years ago
  • 53% of companies are utilizing more flexible workers compared to 3 years ago

(Source: Future Workspace Report 2018 – Upwork)

5. A study by The Flexible Revolution confirmed that 69% of millennials reported that they would opt for flexible hours and remote working over other benefits.