Brand Manager (Shapewear Experience)

Posted 14 Jul 2018



Does the concept of working with a body-positive, female-empowering, purpose-strong brand seem right up your ally? Then keep reading on, we’re looking for a Brand Manager for our biggest brand so far.


  • Trafilea creates and expands disruptive customer-first global brands online.
  • We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies and innovation, leading the global, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer retail transformation.
  • We design, manufacture, promote, sell and distribute our products. We take care of the entire customer journey, delivering wow-worthy experiences that positively influence and empower millions of customers in the US and worldwide.
  • We are experts in online marketing with a world-class ability for online customer acquisition and branding strategies which have resulted in +150% year-over-year profitable growth.
  • Founded by millennials in May 2014, we favor remote ways of working, proudly employing 200+ freelancers from over 14 countries, who work from anywhere they want.
  • Trafilea provides an ideal environment for remote and freelance work. This has become a main advantage and one of the very means by which we actually comply with our main mission: changing people’s lives.
  • We have an always-growing mindset; we are ambitious, self-disciplined, passionate, goal-oriented individuals, optimistic about an abundant future and happy life.
  • Today, we’re looking for a full-time Brand Manager to join us in our journey!


Your Day-to-Day will look something like this:

  • Lead, coordinate, optimize and grow our shapewear brand in collaboration with our Media Buying, Marketing, Creative and Design, IT, SEO, Email Marketing, Research, Video Production and Operations teams.
  • Supervise and manage our Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Brand Design and Content Marketing efforts involving the brand.
  • Define monthly and weekly goals for our shapewear and shapewear marketplace brands, as well as generate reports.
  • Be the main person responsible for making sure that the brand’s body-positive message is correctly communicated along all channels, as well as search out for new initiatives for our brand’s mission.
  • Tweak and research our brands’ customer avatar by doing surveys, interviews, data analysis, among others.
  • Product research and competition benchmarking to understand their offers, funnels and marketing strategies, and test them for our own brands.


Requirements (must haves)

  • Experience in the shapewear industry is a must
  • 3+ Years of Management Experience
  • Smart Creativity
  • Attention to Detail
  • Flexibility / Adaptability
  • Proactivity
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Great Teamwork
  • Advanced level in English

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of working with us.

  • Live Where You Want
  • Proximity doesn’t influence productivity. As a global, distributed team, you can live and work wherever you want.
  • Take Vacation (Seriously)
  • Yes, we’re growing and need your undivided attention, but we encourage you to take a vacation! It’s important to get out and do something.
  • Up Your Game
  • We love to see our people growing fast. We budget for it! Think courses, conferences, events… it’s really up to you and your manager.

What to Expect

  • Full-time, shifting schedules
  • Freelance/Home-based
  • What We Have to Offer

Competitive salary

  • Very good growth opportunities based on a result-oriented compensation plan
  • Like we said, training and development opportunities are on us!

How to Apply

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