Associate Content Editor

Posted 14 Jul 2018

Growth Machine

Growth Machine is expanding quickly, and we need your help to produce the best content on the Internet. We’re hiring a part time associate editor (with the potential to move to full-time) to assist with the process of producing articles for our clients to ensure they’re error-free, fit the client’s brand, and meet the high standards we set.

As one of the first employees of the company, you’d work directly with our Managing Editor, Heather, and our Director of Content Strategy (Nora) to strengthen the systems that allow us to grow blogs to hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

Benefits of working with us

  • We’re a 100% remote company, so you can work anywhere from Pittsburgh to Phuket.
  • By editing and publishing content for anywhere from five to a dozen blogs, you’ll improve your writing and marketing skills faster than you can anywhere else.
  • You’ll get to edit content from a wide variety of categories, including artificial intelligence, travel, sales, HR, and more as we expand our client base.
  • We share all client results internally, so you’ll get to see hundreds of thousands of people reading the work you helped produce.
  • We’re growing rapidly, and you’ll have ample opportunities for taking on bigger roles.


  • Editing articles we produce for clients to make sure they’re error-free and fit their voice.
  • Working with a team of writers to provide feedback and help them improve their craft.
  • Working with Heather and Nora to improve our editorial and publishing systems.
  • Having the final say for when content is ready to go live on as many as a dozen different popular blogs.


Who you are

  • You’re a meticulous editor who errs on the side of more feedback, not less.
  • You’re punctual—deadlines are not options for you.
  • You’re a confident writer.
  • You have a systems-first approach to work, focusing on designing and perfecting repeatable methods instead of just completing tasks.
  • You’re great at working independently, setting your own goals and hitting them.
  • It’s a bonus (but not mandatory) if you’ve successfully grown your own or a company blog, and have some experience managing other content producers.