Marketing at Spruce Health

Posted 19 Oct 2018

Spruce Health

At Spruce we think all Americans should have modern access to high quality, affordable healthcare and that well-designed software can help achieve that goal. Our flagship product is used by thousands of medical clinics across America and is the top-rated app for patient-provider communication. Spruce lets patients communicate how they want (which in 2018 = text) and lets doctors scale care outside the 4 walls of the exam room.

A bit more about us and how we operate.

We’re an intentionally lean team as we think too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth. We prefer smaller, more collaborative teams where everyone is uniquely talented and hungry for ownership/impact and hungry to grow at their own pace. If you’re the type of person that is more talented than the promotion timelines at your company + you’re hungry for more ownership and impact, we may be the company for you. We’re ~20 people. We’re based in SF but remote friendly for the right person who is extremely self-managed. We’re backed by a who’s who of investors (Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures) and advisors.


We have an ambitious vision for growth but are short on marketing talent. Because we are understaffed, we have flexibility in how we think about this role (seniority, scope, comp, etc.). We just want the best talent available :).

  • Can conceive a creative marketing campaign and then execute it soup to nuts. Creative and not scared by new mediums / channels.
  • Scrappy doer vs empire builder. We’re open to hiring people under you but if you’re the type that needs a roster of help to get anything done, you’ll be happier at a larger company. It’s not about resources it’s about mindset and healthy impatience for impact/results.


  • High drive and ownership mentality
  • Passionate about our product + mission and passionate about the craft of marketing
  • Well-rounded across the various facets of modern marketing
  • Well-rounded in terms of being both creative and analytical
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Fast-moving and tolerant of ambiguity. Dynamic, fast-paced startups aren’t for everyone.



$75k – $150k
0.05% – 0.25%