Remote Companies Statistics

Remote working is becoming more of a norm from startups to Fortune 500 companies. To list a few companies, Toptal, Invision, Hotjar, Automattic and Github have been offering remote work job opportunities full-time that allows one to have work life balance. Here are few statistics in terms of companies who first started “Remote Work” and list of companies (in random order) that offer remote work options.

Remote First Companies

  1. Basecamp, authors of Remote
  2. Harvest, see their collection of stories on Working without borders
  3. Niteo, a decade old Python boutique with a public Handbook
  4. ElevenYellow, type job openings on their console to join this team of digital nomads.
  5., software development company using RSDP

Organizations promoting remote work

Remote Only Companies

  1. InVision, see their posts about its remote-only motivations, building company culture, and what remote work feels like.
  2. Buffer, see their posts about going remote-onlythe benefits, and how they make it work.
  3. Automattic, company behind and The year without pants fame
  4. GitLab, this website is hosted by GitLab, everyone is welcome to contribute to this page, also see our handbook for remote working practices.
  5. Zapier, wrote a book on remote work, is 100% remote.
  6., see their jobs page and blog post about remote culture.
  7. Groove, see their blog on being a remote team.
  8. Anybox, see their feedback (in french) Télétravail généralisé, notre retour d’expérience.
  9. Screenly, this is how they work.
  10. Soshace, see their jobs page.
  11. Innolitics, see their handbook which describes how they work remotely.
  12. IOpipe
  13. HiringThing, see their post about what it is like to work remote-only.
  14. SerpApi
  15. Scrapinghub, who turns websites into data. See their about us pageopen positions, and blog.
  16. Jitbit
  17. ProxyCrawl
  18. Toptal, see their Benefits: “Fully Remote, No offices, no useless meetings, no mandatory hours. You’re recognized for what you do, not your time in a chair” at careers page, also see FAQ: “Where do Toptal experts work?”.
  19. Sonatype, blog article on remote work at Sonatype.
  20. Podia, a remote-only company, see their founder’s Tweetstorm
  21. Knack, a remote-only company, see why they work remotely.
  22. Honeybadger
  23. Doist, makers of Todist and Twist. Here’s how they make remote work happen.
  24. Discourse, see Coding Horror’s “We hire the best, just like everyone else”
  25. Aha!, see their blog about remote work.
  26. Articulate, see their website company page for how they work.
  27. Infinity Interactive, see their benefits page for their embrace of remote working.
  28. Altcoin Fantasy, see their tips on hiring and retaining performant remote workers for an early startup.
  29. Nozbe, see what they dohow they work and what are Nozbe’s values.
  30. Duck Duck Go, see their “Work Whenever, Wherever” Careers page, also see Making Remote Work: Ask DuckDuckGo About Being A Digital Nomad Q&A.
  31. FormAssembly, see their jobs page. Also see their blog post: “[Infographic] Benefits of Working Remotely”.
  32. Gruntwork: see How they built a distributed, self-funded, family-friendly, profitable startup.
  33. Idea To Startup, see their join page: “2. Work From Anyplace. It doesn’t matter whether you live” …. “You can work from anyplace”.
  34. SoftwareMill, see their pros&cons of remote work post & others
  35. Pangian “Top talent working remotely. Worldwide”, see their about page “The fastest-growing remote talent network. Worldwide”.
  36. Winding Tree, Decentralized Travel Ecosystem built by decentralized team.